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Shugo Chara Party! 36478

Main Title
Shugo Chara Party!
Official Title
TV Series, 25 episodes
03.10.2009 till 27.03.2010
Comedy, Elementary School, Mahou Shoujo, Romance, School Life, Shoujo, Super Power

At the beginning and end Three cosplayers as Amulet Heart, Amulet Spade and Amulet Clover are there to open and end the show. Then it moves on to tell 2 mini-stories featuring the charas. Finally we get to the main story. First there's a new girl. Rikka Hiiragi a new transfer student that though she has no guardian character of her own can see, understand and even collects X-Eggs. Due to everyone but Yaya graduating at the end of the year Tsukasa appears and announces that a new transfer student is being made a Guardian Apprentice. The student is non other than Hikaru. Rikka finds out and begs Amu and Nagihiko to let her be one too. They agree.

Case 001

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